Portable reciprocating compressors

Making your work easier

Portable reciprocating compressors from KAESER augment the quality and cost-effectiveness of your trades work. Our range includes numerous sizes to cover a wide spectrum of application areas:

  • Compressed air supply for small and growing workshops and trades businesses
  • Continuous use on construction sites, for associated building trades or in larger workshops

An overview of our portable reciprocating compressors

PREMIUM series

PREMIUM CAR 150–660 trade and workshop compressors (108–545 l/min; 10–25 bar)

Built for continuous operation on construction sites or in the workshop: Kaeser PREMIUM workshop compressors

  • Displacement between 130 and 660 l/min; 0, 20 or 25 bar
  • More than 30 sizes to cover every area of application
  • Low maintenance requirement
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PREMIUM series

CLASSIC series

CLASSIC 210-460/50 W-D workshop compressors

The compressor for small trades: efficient, robust and cost-effective

  • Displacement between 210 and 460 l/min; 10 bar
  • Highly cost-effective thanks to 1:1 drive
  • For years of efficient and reliable operation
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CLASSIC series